General delivery and payment rules

1. Orders could be done by letter,per fax or per e-mail.
By the tools the return is excluded,either you have made before
other things with us.Spareparts are excluded from the

2. Our delivery and payment rules are valid for all
kinds of business. Errors, writing-, calculation- or
printing mistakes, will not be binding on us.
If there will be an error into the calculation we will
correct it into our prices. By repairs we calculate the
valid fee or the flat price.Driving times and kilometer
fee we will count extra.
Rentaltools, which we have commanded will be
counted with a flat rate. The costs for the way to get
over and the way to get back are be burden to the client.

3. By publishing of a new pricelist all prices before, will
loose the validity.All prices will be in Euro.The price
calculation will be the valid price at the day on delivery.
Offers will be without obligation. Pictures in our catalogue
or folders are not obligatory.The prices are nettoprices
The prices are plus the valid tax.

4. The delivery will take the most easy and cheap way.
The danger will get by hand over to the carrier (Post,rail,
carrier,etc.) to the buyer. If there will be transport damages
you have to tell this within 24 hours to the carrier.Delivery
times we will keep if possible.They are however not binding.
Please unpack your delivery with care and completely.Sometimes
there will be hidden a part into the packing material.

5. The account is drawn at the day on delivery of the goods.
Our amount is payable due to agreement. If you order the
first time we will deliver only by cash.
Delivery into a foreign country we will only demand cash before delivery.
If the amount will be not in time we will calculate 6%,max. 8%
interest payable on arrears.If we didn´t get the complete amount,
we don´t have the duty for delivery,or we require cash.

6. We will give a guarantee for 12 month for the brand-new tools.
The guarantee means from getting the tool (we will need the
deliverypaper or the bill), that if there will be a mistake on the tool
we will make the repairs free of costs , if you will send or bring us
the claimed tool.
We will repair the claim (guranantee) free of costs, if we will have the
bill, etc.The carrier costs are not into the guarantee. No guarantee
for careless or use of faulty care.The guarantee is finished, if
there will be repairs or changes from other persons, besides our
after-sales service.

7. The delivered goods will be our property, up to the completely
payment of the amount,and payment of all costs including tax.

8. Keeping place and place of jurisdiction for all rights and duties
will be Munich/Germany.

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