Polish Motor

IP Poly Eco Polish Unit



Universal and modular polishing unit for use in the dental laboratory or in the goldsmith workshop. With its wide adjustable polishing troughs, the IP Poly Eco can be easily operated with any polishing motor. The polishing troughs are made of robust ABS plastic and are therefore rust-free and very easy to clean. The integrated LED lighting with 1.000 lumen provides a very bright light during polishing. Furthermore, the polishing unit has an external suction connection on the rear side, so that any suction unit can be connected if required, which is usually more powerful than a conventional integrated suction unit. On the top of the polishing unit there is a stainless steel compartment for storing polishing brushes, abrasives or work. The polishing unit can be controlled via a central main switch as well as an additional switch for controlling the external suction. Thanks to its modular design, the IP Poly Eco offers a very favourable price.


  • IP ABS 3 Aspirator
  • IP PM 30N
  • IP PM 31LN
  • Suction port adapter
Max Ext. Aspiration
LED Light
2000 W
12 W / 1.000 Lumen
220 V / 50 Hz
800x500x510 mm
20 Kg