Steam Cleaner

IP Clean Automatic



The IP Clean Automatic exhibits a two-way tank system and can be refilled manually. The refill-automatic allows to refill the machine even during operation, i.e. the machine continues operation when conventional steamers have to stop. Non-stop steam without interruption. The secondary tank can be refilled quickly at any time. A constant working pressure of about 5 bar and a steam temperature of 170° C grant reliable and down-to-the-pore cleaning. Heating up is very quick due to a heating power of 1500 W. The stainless steel boiler is in accordance with international security standards. The amount of steam can be controlled. A practical hand pistol is operated with a micro switch. A tap is provided for easy cleaning and decalcification.

• Automatic water absorption
• Continuous operational readiness
• Stainless steel boiler
• Powerful and constant steam
• Manometer


  • IP Clean Abdampfschale
  • IP Clean Wandhalterung
  • IP Clean Filter Wasserenthärter
  • IP Clean EKM Entkalkungsmittel
  • IP Clean WKM Wasserenthärter
Boiler volume
L x W x H
5 l (plastic)
5 Bar
1500 W
220 V; 24 V; 60 Hz
13 KG