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IP Prosthesis-Care              
- Refines prosthetic works
- Adds a brilliant shine effect
- Spearmint taste
- Removes monomer residues
- Acts as a disinfectant

- Increases the adhesion
- 75 ml

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IP Clean Six
- robust, high quality steam-cleaner
- innovative design
- six liters stainless steel boiler
- powerful and constant steam
- easy to use

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IP Pneumatic Chise
Pneumatic chisel for universal use in laboratories, particularly designed for precision work without effort, robust and of high performance, ideal for deflasking gypsums and investment compounds. » more

IP Scan-Spray
Powder spray for the improvement of the optical qualities of models with admissions by scanner or camera with the CAD/CAM use..» more

IP VIB40 shaker vib (new version)
Efficient vibrator for 4 cuvettes,easy and fast cleaning. No gradualy adjustable. Good firm through suck and rubber feet. » more

IP Clean Wall Mount
Stable and stylish mounting shelf for steam cleaners of every size. The elegantly curved shelf made of powder-coated steel can be mounted to the wall above the working table with 4 screw.smore

IP Wax-Injector Technic
You can produce every kind of forms starting from the smallest set up to massproduction more

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